Adult Race Info


AMA Membership You must be an AMA member. You can sign up on line at

Race Schedule
All classes will practice on Saturday afternoon and practice/qualify on Sunday, time TBD.
All Youth Classes: MM10Y, MM12Y, MM12Y Stock/Mod
Adult Classes: MM10A, MM10 Stock/Mod, MM12 Stock/Mod, MM16A Stock/Mod & Electric, MM35+, MM12A, MM10E, MM12E and MM Women

The top 20 riders from each class will race on Sunday afternoon as part of the show.
A detailed schedule will be available as we get closer to race date.

Race Numbers ABSOLUTELY NO REQUESTS FOR NUMBERS (Only expert classes can request for personnal numbers!): We will assign you a race number for each class. Your bike needs to show up with white backgrounds and black numbers. WE WILL NOT SUPPLY NUMBERS. We can tell you what your number is one month prior to the event if you want to make custom graphics.

Race Credential Each racer will receive ONE rider wristband, no matter how may classes you are racing. This must be worn on your wrist from the time you sign up until the end of the show. This wristband will provide a seat for you in the general seating area during the show. You can purchase ONE (1) mechanic wristband and up to FOUR (4) extra wristbands for your family/friends at the bottom of the Entry Form. These wristbands provide access to the pits and a seat in the rider sections for the Sunday afternoon show. They do NOT allow access to the track and are available on a limited basis - If you have more people in your party, we recommend that you purchase tickets directly from the Orleans Arena at or by calling 702-284.7777.

Check In: There will be a Check In area at the Orleans Arena - follow the signs. Check In will be open on Saturday from 10 AM - 6PM and on Sunday from 7AM - 3PM.

Practice & Qualifying: Each rider will be assigned to a group for practice and qualifying. You cannot switch or exchange groups. You will receive a detailed schedule of what time your group(s) practice and qualify. MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON TIME.

Transponders: To insure the accuracy in qualifying and scoring, all race entries will use Transponders to track their lap times. We will provide the Transponders for each rider. We will charge a $150 fee for any Transponder not returned.

Classes: There are 8 Adult Classes. You MUST be 18 years or older as race date these classes. And you must be 35 years or older as of race date to race the MM35+ Class. The Women’s Class DOES not allow riders that are younger than 14 years old as of race date!

Fuel Gasoline ONLY No Nitro, Alcohol, Methanol etc.

Adult Class Numbering System - You will be assigned a race number for each class-
MM10E 1-99
MM12E 100-199
MM10A 200-399
MM10YOUTH 200-399
MM12A 400-499
MM12AYOUTH 400-499
MM35+ 500-599
MM10 Stock/Mod 600-699
MM12 Stock/Mod 700-799
MM12 YOUTH Stock/Mod 700-799
MMW Women 800-899
MM16A Stock/Mod & Electric 900-949

Special Note: All riders will be allowed to compete in multiple classes; however any rider who finishes on the podium of an Amateur Class (1st, 2nd or 3rd) will not be allowed to finish on the podium of an Expert Class (1st, 2nd or 3rd). If this happens, the Expert Class #1 Plate & Prize Money will be awarded to the next place rider in the respective Expert Class.


You will be assigned only one number that you will use in multiple classes if registered.

Youth class numbers are designed to correspond with adult class numbers for the equivalent classes. This way youths and adults can share the same bike and the same number. Entries will need to notify us if you intend to share the same bike so we can assign numbers accordingly.
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