2012 GEICO AMA MiniMotoSX Photo Gallery

By: Lindsey Lovell | Friday, May 11, 2012

Photos by Drew Ruiz and Adam Booth

  • 141-1205-03-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-01-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-02-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-00-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-04-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-05-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-06-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-07-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-08-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-09-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-10-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-11-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-12-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-13-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-14-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-15-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-16-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-17-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-18-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-19-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-20-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-21-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-222012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-23-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

  • 141-1205-24-2012-minimoto-sx-photos

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Gene Hays
May 22, 2012 3:49 pm

Thanks to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$5,000.00 Reward for the return of both bikes
I posted on Planet Minis and Thumpertalk and Craigslist………Sunday night after MINI MOTO we packed everything up to start heading back to Michigan in the morning. Long story short they took the whole rig Truck, Bikes, Shop tools, to much to list they got it all.

Any help please.

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