2012 MiniMotoSX back to the Orleans Arena

By: admin | Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

From: The MiniMotoSX Staff

Dear MiniMotoSX Participants and Fans,

The MiniMotoSX team (MMSX) wants to address some concerns and questions regarding the 2012 event. Please allow us to provide an honest explanation on why the event will be back at the Orleans Arena and held on Sunday, May 6th.

After 7 successful years at the Orleans we were told that we would have to move to the South Point Hotel for the 2011 race (Due to a conflicting convention booked many years ago). Without a choice, we accepted the offer to be relocated to the South Point for 1 year instead of canceling the event. This was an agreement between the Orleans and South Point Hotel. Separately, the ArenaCross promoter booked the South Point for the same weekend for their World Finals.

We all enjoyed and appreciated the South Point venue and the dirt/track was great for the event but we knew it was only a one year agreement. That said we spent most of the summer trying to make something work to move the MMSX to the South Point. Sadly we could not make it work so we chose to go back to the Orleans Arena, which has also been a great venue for MMSX. It is important to note that the management at the Orleans and South Point were extremely accommodating and supportive of any options.

To further complicate matters for MiniMotoSX, the difficult times in the motorcycle market contributed to the loss some major sponsors, which make it extremely difficult to create a top level event. We were faced with 2 options: Simply cancel the event or find a different way to make it work. We decided to look at different avenues and realized that combining the event with the EnduroCross on the same weekend would save significant production cost. This is the reason the MMSX will be held on Sunday instead of the traditional Friday night.

We are all very passionate about MiniMotoSX, which is still the largest Mini Bike race in the world but sometimes reality kicks us in the butt and we have to make changes to keep it viable. We are already working very hard to make the 2012 race very fun and we look forward to seeing you at the Orleans.

All the best,
MiniMotoSX Staff

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Matt Kelly
May 2, 2012 1:23 am

In the past numbers have been provided. The past couple of years no numbers have been provided and you have to rush to get them after sign up. Since we have transponders are numbers really relivant or can we contact someone to get our numbers prior to the event?

Also, if you are a rider you are able to get in to Endurocross Friday night. Will the mechanic be able to enter as well?

Russ Bezzant
January 20, 2012 7:33 am

Sorry to here the changes. Don’t you think both event s would have a better turnout doing it before the Supercross? I know I cannot make it but understand if you it must be on the scheduled day.

November 19, 2011 10:24 pm

can you have any mods for the mm12 youth class as long as the wheel base is 49 inches….. thanks

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