Who was 1st round draft pick 2022?

Who was 1st round draft pick 2022?
Who was the first round draft pick of 2022

Travon Walker 1: Travon Walker, Edge, Jacksonville Jaguars.

Who has been picked in the 2022 draft

2022 NFL Draft
First selectionTravon Walker, DE, Jacksonville Jaguars
Mr. IrrelevantBrock Purdy, QB, San Francisco 49ers
Most selections (11)Baltimore Ravens Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers New York Giants
Fewest selections (4)Miami Dolphins

Who has the most 1st round draft picks in 2022

Jacksonville had two first-round picks in that draft, and selected C.J....Who has the most picks in the 2022 NFL Draft

•28 abr 2022

Who had 2 first round picks in 2022 draft

Who got drafted in the first round

Who was the #1 draft pick

Who was first round NFL draft picks